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How to make Upcycling more glamorous: ITS TAM's visit from Ramosalso in Venice

When we enter his store, the first thing Demis Marin tells us is that he has just renewed the lease on the space that houses Ramosalso in Rialto, which in a complex city like Venice is already good news. With us are students fromITS TAM who came from Biella on a company visit for Upskill Venezia, a project sponsored by Fondazione di Venezia. 

Students are in the definition phase and are gathering ideas on potential reuses and transformations of garments for the "only for you" service according to the brand's manifesto "Ramosalso's collection is already inside your closet."

Ramosalso creates new garments through the technique of upcycling, second-hand garments that are redeveloped with great sartorial expertise and gain new value: their life as products is lengthened just as their end in landfills is receded. Often the garments, which Demis Marin receives and transforms, have great sentimental value above all, and for his customers to see them take on new life is a great joy.

Upcycling - Upskill Venice

Demis is a tailor, he started sewing at the age of ten, he has always stolen with his eyes, fabric and textiles have always been his passion, which also allowed him to grow as a person. He worked in some fashion houses, then became product manager for a well-known clothing store. He has always hated waste, and in the 1990s with the beginning of fast fashion his penchant for upcycling thus using waste materials to create new items that have more value than the original material, crystallized and became a true passion. "Fast fashion seemed like Eldorado in the beginning, today it is part of our lives, unfortunately it represents a part of the system that is not good and produces a lot of damage," Demis tells TAM students, "but we have to live with it, continuing to find new mediations." 

The tie is the key element where Demis starts from for all his creations, the "scarf-tie" can be considered the "zero garment" of the Ramosalso collection and at the same time the inspiration for the creation of the new garments. Demis considers it perhaps the most "useless" garment in men's clothing, because it has only one function, today perhaps even in decline: therefore, he finds it perfect to start in devising new garments and finding new uses for them.


For Demis, Upcycling is a sartorial feature, it is a true exercise in style, but one that often leaves the wearability of the garment in the background, and this has left an important segment of the public sidelined over the years. 

Today those who do Upcycling and want to approach a certain type of audience, attentive to sustainability issues, must also pay close attention to style. Big flaw of garments that are worked through Upcycling is that they become terribly classic, so according to Demis Marin the tailor has to play and dare at the same time, perhaps focusing on details. Ramosalso's garments are in fact made quickly, but the planning behind a single garment and all its decorative details and materials, is very complex.

Upcycling - Upskill 4.0

How do you approach a young audience with this type of clothing? How do you make the Ramosalso collection appealing to the eyes of a 20-year-old? The collaboration with ITS TAM in Biella for Demis Marin also has this goal. "I want to give a touch of glamour to my garments and I believe that the confrontation with these young people can be a hotbed of ideas!"


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