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How the new craftsmanship can revitalize Venice

"Where should I put my signature?" With these words, Demis Marin, founder of Ramosalso, commented on the project carried out by Upskill 4.0 with students fromITS TAM in Biella.

Marin's words are not circumstantial. The presentation was amazing. The students, under the guidance of Elena Masi, Upskill 4.0 project manager, developed a new digital space that allows Ramosalso, a company specializing in garment regeneration (upcycling), to interact remotely with the customer. Through a few simple online steps, the customer can send photos of the garment they want to regenerate, enter their anthropometric measurements, and take inspiration from Ramosalso's previous achievements. Once all this information is received, Demis Marin can get to work and transform the garment. The project did not just limit itself to this, however. Taking a cue from the techniques used by Ramosalso, the students made four prototype garments designed for a young audience interested in sustainable and genderless clothing. The signature that Demis referred to was about the desire to immediately put all the proposals developed into practice.

This project was presented, along with that of seven other companies, at M9 Museum at the closing event of the second edition of #UpskillVenice, an initiative aimed at revitalizing the city's crafts and supported by the Venice Foundation.

The results of the eight projects did not betray expectations. The companies had the opportunity to engage with ITS students from all over Italy and learn how to look at craftsmanship from a new perspective. According to Marta Perissinotto of Martina Vidal, a company specializing in the production of household linens with #Burano lace, "The project not only made us see with new eyes a craft practice that is daily work for us, such as lace, but also made us understand how to bring this knowledge into the future."

This new look at traditional savoir-faire extends beyond the individual business and affects the entire ecosystem of craft activities that characterizes Venice. Francesca Rizzi of sullaluna, bistro bookstore, said: "The Upskill Venezia project has the merit of allowing small businesses like ours to participate in innovation projects. It is really very important because it is these small realities, original and local, that make the city interesting and beautiful to live in."

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