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Upskill 4.0 at Eta Beta!

On Saturday, March 25, Eta Beta, Radio Rai 1's long-running broadcast on innovation issues, devoted a must-see episode to the ITS world and the contribution of Upskill 4.0!

We are really happy to be invited by Massimo Cerofolini to talk about our experience on the show. It was a nice opportunity to discuss how you can contribute to the topic of higher technical education and innovation in enterprises. ITSs are growing in visibility and are able to place a very high percentage of their students (>80%) in enterprises. For our part, we are happy to be able to make a contribution by promoting an essential connection with the world of small and medium-sized enterprises by proposing an innovative teaching method.

There is a theme that is very close to our hearts and that we were able to highlight in Saturday morning's broadcast. It is about good work. What is meant by this expression? It means work that is matched by fair economic remuneration, certainly. But also a job in which the individual can enhance his or her personal characteristics, a job in which it is possible to make an active contribution to society by feeling part of a community. 

Technical training enables people to find jobs today because companies are looking for job skills that are increasingly hard to find. However, we know that focusing on technical knowledge alone exposes people to the risk of obsolescence. Innovation proceeds very rapidly, with ever-closer waves of technology. Technical knowledge that is useful at a given time can become marginal within a few years. How to solve this problem?

We think that one of the answers lies in offering students a solid method for facing the challenges of the near future. For this reason, we have focused on Design Thinking as the defining element of the innovation projects we follow. This method of working allows students to deal with unforeseen situations, paying attention not only to the technical aspects but also to the cultural and social aspects of the users of a product and/or service. Design thinking helps students learn from observation in the field and exercise their creativity in a disciplined way. It helps one navigate a changing world and fosters connection with colleagues and customers. This ability in orienting themselves and connecting to changes in the context helps young people to be protagonists of their own future. This is good work

To understand the potential of design thinking, we invite you to read what Chiara Valli and Davide Ravacchia told us. two students from ITS Maker in Modena who collaborated with Upskill 4.0 on the creation of a new welding jig for Officine Pegoretti, a company known worldwide for manufacturing custom bicycle frames.

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