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Upskill 4.0 on StartupItalia

The Sunday, August 20 longform of StartupItalia, Italy's leading innovation magazine, was edited by Stefano Micelli, president of Upskill 4.0.

The article addresses a topic close to Upskill 4.0's heart: how to foster the diffusion of digital technologies in Italian small and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of increasing their competitiveness.

Over the past year and a half, as Upskill 4.0, we have tried to make our own contribution, proposing an original model of experimenting with the potential of digital by involving young Generation Z talents who have collaborated with small and medium-sized enterprises in many Italian territories.

We think it is necessary to break the mold and find new ways through which businesses can approach new technologies with a more human approach.

In the face of the continuous acceleration of digital technologies, it is certainly not possible to be lulled into thinking that individual forms of adaptation can be found. It is necessary for companies to equip themselves to cope with the new reality of a changing scenario through appropriate training paths.

You can read the article at this link.