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The tinsmith 4.0: Andrea Cerentin's experience in the Upskill Belluno project

Everyone has a roof over their head, but few know what it looks like. 

Andrea Cerentin stands with his brothers at the head of a historic Belluno sheet metal company. Students from ITS business services in Rome under the supervision of Tiziana Obici, project manager of Upskill 4.0, designed a showroom for Upskill Belluno in which the company can present solutions to its customers both through digital and by showing scale models.

The company over the years to the sole manufacture of metal roofing has also added other work, such as metal cladding (walls) made of standing seam metal sheets and/or metal slats. 

Cerentin F.lli was founded in 1984 by brothers Costante and Vittorio Cerentin, and in 2003 the second generation, which includes Andrea, Michele, Valentina and Fabio, began to join the company. Mostly Andrea followed the project, while the final presentation by Dolomiti Haub was attended by all of them.

"They were speechless. It's good to see how others see you. We often stay in ours, we talk to customers who are already interested in our product. It's valuable to observe how young people look at you, what thoughts they have about our product and the market it's in. We tend to stay in our closed, very technical world, talking to young people, it was really enriching. The students during the project were very present, attentive and focused," Andrea tells us.

"It was really a surprise to see the enthusiasm the students put into the project. They spent so much time studying sheet metal work, understanding how it works, what are our special features of our product. Everyone has a roof over their head, but few know what it looks like. I certainly didn't expect young people in their 20s to know. And what positively amazed me is that they are interested in it!"

"From the beginning, both in defining the challenge and throughout the project, I had freedom to propose a design challenge that was truly contingent on our work. 

I felt very much listened to and stimulated by Tiziana Obici and Michele Tagliavini, to focus on my challenge and to propose what we really needed. And the proposed solution could have taken many different directions-it took the marketing one, and that was interesting for us."

La CEREXPERIENCE, the prototype presented by Carlos Lefevre, Dharam Muscas, Martina Magliano and Chiara Di Battista of ITS business services in Rome, consisting of revisiting the experience that customers have at F.lli Cerentin's in-store through the creation of a corporate showroom that allows for a more detailed ordered tour of the company.

"The view in Italy of technical education has been short-sighted in recent years-I find this formula very interesting because students have to put themselves out there, they are supervised and evaluated, they have the opportunity to talk to an entrepreneur, and they have to arrive at a result. The benefits to an entrepreneur of opening doors to students are so many!"

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