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Faber Consortium: notify caregivers in a timely manner when needed

Consorzio Faber was established in March 2016 by the joint will of three historical social cooperatives in the Turin area. These organizations set themselves the goal of devising projects capable of adequately meeting the needs of their target territorial communities, while seizing new job opportunities or intervening in existing activities.

The project challenge conceived by the Upskill 4.0 team with Faber Consortium encourages people at risk of institutionalization to stay at home through lightweight home monitoring solutions, using non-wearable devices and new technologies.

The goal is to detect abnormalities in the daily behavior of the elderly and notify caregivers in a timely manner to enable intervention if needed.

The project is part of the second edition of Upskill Piemonte, an initiative promoted by Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT, Upskill 4.0 and UniCredit, to reduce the youth-enterprise skill mismatch.

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