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Dolomiti Hub: new strategies to engage generation Z

Dolomiti Hub is a cultural space in a former industrial building that combines culture and business to create value and innovation in the area. 

It is open to the participation of individuals, associations, companies and public bodies, and is intended as a dynamic laboratory of personal and social, cultural and economic growth for the local community. Guests from diverse backgrounds participate in the initiatives and experience the activities of the partners, resulting in a well-rounded experience.

The design challenge envisioned by the Upskill 4.0 team is to help Dolomiti Hub become a recognizable and attended landmark for the surrounding community through the development of cultural and commercial event models to be offered according to different target audiences.

The goal is to become more economically self-sustaining by devising new strategies to engage and train local youth.

ITS Business Services students have envisioned, under the guidance of Alice Rizzetto, project manager of Upskill 4.0, new Holiday Working programs dedicated to smart workers who want to combine a space equipped for work and full of interesting cultural activities, such as food masterclasses, with the opportunity to relax in the mountains of Belluno.

In addition to this, they studied a new content strategy, envisioning Instagram and TikTok as the main social media to be used to increase youth participation.

This project is part of the "Upskill" project by Fondazione Cariverona and Upskill 4.0, with UniCredit as a partner. The main objective of the initiative is to develop innovation projects by enhancing territories and businesses in the provinces of Verona, Vicenza, Mantua, Ancona and Belluno through the involvement of young ITS students.

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