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Ganci Argenterie: the great Milanese tradition of solid silver artifacts

It has been since 1926 that Ganci Argenterie has been producing artifacts in precious metal as well as silver plated, brass and copper. It all started with Giuseppe Morandino, who at first produced pens in gold and silver, and then decided to expand production following new market trends.

Giovanni, the son, inherits the passion, which he and his wife also pass on to his children, Giovanna, Giuseppe, Giorgio and Gianluca, the third generation to carry on this tradition, but seeks to innovate every day. From manual techniques with which, for example, an oval tea service is created with more than 120 hours of work to much faster and more immediate executions, using techniques such as laser engraving, water cutting and 3D printing.

All pieces made by Hooks can be customized, with a craftsmanship that is now rare. Near the store still has the workshop and the customer can enjoy a complete shopping experience.

Students from ITS FITSTIC in Bologna visited it for Upskill Milano, with Upskill 4.0 project manager Tiziana Obici. The project challenge will be to create formats and tools that show Ganci and its magnificent products in a new, current and close light to the public (including the youngest).

Building on the Edelman Trust Barometer 2022 data on GEN Z's influence on consumption, students created RiagGanci, an integrated online and offline strategy for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest plus a newsletter, to introduce a younger audience to the fascinating world of silver.

Among the solutions devised is an open call for young designers and architects to revise an iconic Ganci Argenterie product. The purpose of the contest? To involve young people themselves in creating products that their peers can enjoy.


This project is part of the Upskill Milano project of Cariplo Factory and Upskill 4.0. It is aimed at companies based in the Milan Metropolitan Cities, operating in the craft and Made in Italy sectors. The goal of the project is to contribute to the competitiveness of businesses by combining 4.0 technologies with traditional know-how, and to promote new opportunities for ITS students to meet businesses looking for specific technical and professional skills.

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