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Learning to do theater: the Tib Theatre's "House of the Arts" project

Tib Teatro, established in 1993, invests in the education and future of the younger generation through various activities at the Belluno Municipal Theater. The House of the Arts, located inside an abandoned former military barracks and regenerated by Tib Teatro, is a cultural center for the arts aimed at children, young people and the elderly that aims to operate in a European network and is an original model for the Dolomite territory, offering training and creation paths in various performing arts and hosting national and international artists. 

The design challenge envisioned by the Upskill 4.0 team is to help the theater make their House of the Arts visible and operational by attracting new guests and visitors through the design and promotion of new launch formats. The goal is to identify new launch activities to bring the House of the Arts to life by engaging different stakeholders in the area.

During the company visit to Belluno, students met Labros Mangheras, Vassilij Mangheras, Gianmaria Mangheras and Andrea Bucciarelli, who work for Tib Teatro and are investing new energy in launching House of the Arts .Belluno's former Piave Barracks, where Tib Teatro is located today, was what is called "an urban void" until 1993, when it became the subject of a major revitalization project. Since then, Tib Teatro has carried out hundreds of projects related to theatrical art dedicated to new generations, as an example through the organization of courses in contemporary dramaturgy, theater education and training, and integration between the performing arts and the historical and architectural configuration of places. Thanks to these activities, Tib Teatro has become a cultural reference for Belluno. With Casa delle Arti, some new spaces also inside the Ex Caserma Piave in Belluno given in concession to Tib Teatro, we want to go one step further: to make Casa delle Arti a place to grow, train and meet through the languages of art.

For this reality, students from ITS Business Services in Rome with the guidance of Alice Rizzetto designed a communication format, Casa Delle Arti 3.6.5. to symbolically signal openness over time (365 days a year) and toward all art forms. In addition to the more traditional ways such as logo, naming, landing page, a schedule of events, and an editorial plan for social media, the prototype of the metaverse Casa Delle Arti 3.6.5. Online: a virtual space in which one can experience events even from a distance, walking with one's avatar through the set-up spaces of Casa Delle Arti.

This project is part of the "Upskill" project by Fondazione Cariverona and Upskill 4.0, with UniCredit as a partner. The main objective of the initiative is to develop innovation projects by enhancing territories and businesses in the provinces of Verona, Vicenza, Mantua, Ancona and Belluno through the involvement of young ITS students.

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