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Individuals: garments suitable for all bodies

INDIVIDUALS is an artisan brand in Milan specializing in lingerie without rigid parts, silk homewear, one-piece swimsuits and beach bikinis, according to the criteria of sustainability. It was born in 2006 from the idea of a designer tailor, Carlo Galli, to build a new paper pattern system derived from the anatomical table, dressing the body in a natural, harmonious and dynamic way.

Individuals is an original reality that pays attention to respecting the physicality of all bodies: it is according to this logic that all garments are designed and developed. The project designed by the Upskill 4.0 team aims to create a communication format to best convey Individuals' approach: the importance of respecting the individual, the theme of sustainability, and the desire to make garments suitable for all bodies.

For Upskill Milano, students from JobsFactory in Pavia with Elena Masi, project manager of the project, were from Individuals on a company visit. They talked with Carlo Galli and sensed the great attention he puts into product selection.

Fabrics to make Individuals garments are chosen according to two principles: wearability and sustainability. The fabrics come from the textile supply chain in and around Como, and are all unsold and discarded materials. The companies Carlo Galli sources from are mainly those that produce silk. The silk bobbins in the initial and final parts always have slight imperfections, and it is from those cuts that he gets the fabrics to make all types of Individuals lingerie.

Beyond Individuals, this is the name of the solution devised, encompasses several things: a smart label,equipped with a QR Code to communicate exclusive content to the customer; new ways to engage and inform customers such as talking mirrors or infographics and trivia about the materials; anda proposal to communicate on instagram the 'uniqueness of the products and the Individuals world, which goes to strengthen the storytelling of Individuals products.

This project is part of the Upskill Milano project of Cariplo Factory and Upskill 4.0. It is aimed at companies based in the Milan Metropolitan Cities, operating in the craft and Made in Italy sectors. The goal of the project is to contribute to the competitiveness of businesses by combining 4.0 technologies with traditional know-how, and to promote new opportunities for ITS students to meet businesses looking for specific technical and professional skills.

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