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Relaunching the use of Paccasassi del Conero in cooking.

Rinci was founded in 2015 in the heart of the Conero Park, thanks to Francesco, Luca and Alessandro's passion for their region and its products of excellence. The main business of this company is Paccasassi, a wild grass at risk of extinction, made cultivable by the company in order to bring it back to the tables of anyone who wants to taste the authentic flavors of the Marche region.

The project challenge conceived by the Upskill 4.0 team in collaboration with Alessandro Babbini, owner of Rinci, is to help Rinci's current and potential B2B and B2C customers understand the possibilities of using Paccasassi del Conero in the kitchen, encouraging the rediscovery of a local raw material through a communication strategy and the identification of new formats.

Students from ITS Agribusiness of Rome were on a farm tour and were able to see the cultivation of paccassassi, accompanied by Selena Brocca and Elena Masi of Upskill 4.0.

After context research on the paccassasso, the creation of profiles of potential customers and the brainstorming phase, a design solution was arrived at entitled Flavors of Mar...che! which consists of a new design for product packaging, designed to give greater visibility to the brand and artists in the area, an online cookbook, and related social format, and an itinerary to promote producers and restaurateurs within the Conero Park.

Students fromITS Agribusinessof Rome with project manager Michele Tagliavini also envisioned a new stand for Rinci, one that is not too expensive and interactive that would easily allow everyone during a food and wine fair to understand the uniqueness of this product.  

Positive response from Claudia Gonnelli of Rinci "Better than this I could not ask for, they were very good and receptive, also because we have very practical ideas. I have to tell the truth that some of the ideas have already been very inspiring and I have already put them into practice!" 

This project is part of the "Upskill" project of Fondazione Cariverona and Upskill 4.0, with UniCredit as a partner. The main objective of the initiative is to develop innovation projects by enhancing territories and businesses in the provinces of Verona, Vicenza, Mantua, Ancona and Belluno through the involvement of young ITS students.

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