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A strategic plan for Sarotto Group's Ricecycling Wall

Sarotto Group was established in the 1960s in Narzole, in the province of Cuneo, founded by Guglielmo Sarotto. In 1980, after the Irpinia earthquake, Guglielmo Sarotto devoted himself to volunteer work and prefabrication. In 1981 , sons Piero and Mauro joined the company, bringing innovation and expansion. Since 2007, the company has focused on research and development, patenting solutions for earthquake-resistant buildings, prefabricated technology modules for energy efficiency and more.

The design challenge envisioned by the Upskill 4.0 team with the company is to develop a strategic plan that indicates the different possible uses of the Ricecycling Wall and the national and international contexts that could most lend themselves to the application of this product to forge new partnerships.

The project is part of the second edition of Upskill Piemonte, an initiative promoted by Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT, Upskill 4.0 and UniCredit, to reduce the youth-enterprise skill mismatch.

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