1. Scouting
    Active listening to companies and territories
  2. Problem framing
    Defining Project Challenges
  3. Team creation
    Defining Project Challenges (manca testo in miro)
  4. Project development
    Operational and scientific coordination throughout the project
  5. Project oversight
    Presenting prototypes developed to address the challenges.
  6. Showcasing projects
    Follow-up meetings to assess project outcomes and continuation
  7. Impact evaluation
    Upskill 4.0 involves students from across Italy to address challenges.

Discover our top projects in our best-of selection

Traditional Welding Pegoretti | Verona | Officina Dario Pegoretti


A new way of conceiving the welding helmet. Thanks to augmented reality and a smart glass connected to sensors, it is possible to assist the craftsman in manually welding bicycle frames.

Digital Blooming| Mantova | Coplant


A new digital shopping experience on a nursery’s website. A product configurator based on plant growth parameters in relation to the territory, and virtual reality help urban planners, architects, and gardeners to interactively find the plants that best fit for their project.

PaperTales: it’s FABulouS – an immersive experience | Milano | Fabscarte

A virtual tour that allows clients and visitors to step into the artisanal experience of luxury wallpaper designs. Thanks to interactive elements and videos, the study of shapes, colors, and combinations of materials that lead to the creation of exclusive pieces of design come alive.

Vivi Burano | Venezia | Atelier Martina Vidal Venezia

A project that encompasses three main solutions: an interactive ‘Room of Time’ divided in two areas, one for the past and one for future, which explains in a VR environment the tradition of lace-making, allows understanding of where this art originated, and acquaints with Burano of the twentieth century; the creation of virtual reality courses on the art of lace-making, and the establishment of new partnerships with national and international museums and institutions for the atelier, portraying it in a new light.

ReGlass Made Easy | Venezia | rehub


How to storytell about an innovative 3D printable material made from recycled Murano glass? The project was created with the aim of “making easy” to understand how an innovative sustainable process can be applied in a variety of design solutions. A new interactive website and a video-telling campaign focus on the story of a piece of glass waste (from zero to high-tech in 5 technological stages), but also on the origins of the waste (the history of Murano artistic glass and the glassmakers that are trying to reduce their environmental impact).

Re-Built | Milano| Carrozzeria Lopane

Re-built is a virtual reality training simulation that projects into the future Laboratorio Lopane, a vintage car repair and restore workshop. Following the logic of a video game, the users, couchbuilder trainees, log in and finds themselves in a virtual workshop and are asked to engaged in shaping metal sheets to create missing parts of vintage cars. This is how we can train apprentices in restoring vintage cars.

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