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Innovatively communicate the uniqueness of the objects made by Rehub

Rehub is a laboratory located in Murano that gives glass waste a second chance by exploiting high-tech processes. Thanks to a new system of glass handling, what starts out as special waste from Murano glass processing waste can find in Rehub's objects, new life in another form.

The founder is Matteo Silverio, an architect interested in exploring the potential of innovations in the design process through a multidisciplinary approach involving digital and fabrication tools, such as 3D printing. During his professional career, he has collaborated with several firms in a lead design and project management role on innovative projects, winning numerous international design competitions. Many of his projects have been published in magazines, books, and exhibited in prestigious museums or institutions such as the Mint Gallery, the Saatchi Gallery, or the Corning Museum of Glass, among others.

The design challenge conceived by the Upskill 4.0 team in collaboration with Matteo Silverio is to help Rehub communicate in an innovative and unconventional way the value and potential of the recovery and reuse process of such a precious material as Murano glass so that the client perceives its uniqueness and understands the possibilities of applying the technology .

The goal is to think of a digital infrastructure in line with the team's needs with compelling content for a B2B audience of designers and luxury brands that Rehub can collaborate with.

With Sofia Ressia, project manager of Upskill 4.0, the students first identified three ingredients to focus on: using a youthful and direct tone of voice and making extensive use of similes, using images to schematize the process of implementation, and giving students the opportunity to delve into certain aspects of the process.

Five months of work, of continuous comparisons between students and the company under the coordination of Sofia Ressia, led to the creation of a new way of telling reglass and rehub, simple and direct. The solution consists of a new website, which tells the story of a glass scrap (from zero to high tech in 5 steps) but also what happens in Murano and details about the history of art glass. Everything is then translated to rehub's social channels, again with a very simple tone. 

"They have proven to be capable and energetic, and have followed us through the many changes that have taken place at rehub this spring, which is no small merit," said Matteo Silverio co-founder of rehub. 

"Upskill is a wonderful opportunity, it is not simply an active teaching opportunity-there is so much more to it, we are happy to have participated," added Erica Villa.

This project is part of Upskill Venezia, an initiative implemented by the Venice Foundation in collaboration with Upskill 4.0, with the sponsorship of Confindustria Venezia and the Venice Rovigo Chamber of Commerce. Rehub was selected to participate in the project; to meet its needs the Upskill 4.0 team engagedITS LAST of Verona.

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