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Fabscarte: Milan's atelier of excellence in wallpapers

Fabscarte is an Italian brand with international diffusion present on the Milan scene since 2012. Fabscarte wallpapers are the result of careful research and experimentation: study of shapes, colors, combinations, materials. Exclusive wallpapers because they are painted and worked entirely by hand and characterized by an extraordinary materiality that makes them unique.

The company caters to private and professional customers. The product offered is qualitatively of a high standard, and even the samples to be sent to customers are entirely handmade. The walls made are not simply wall decorations, but are the result of a handcrafted and artistic study made for each individual wallpaper that draws inspiration from various 20th century painting techniques.

Making light, and a certain atmosphere, are the main goals of the work of Luigi Scarabelli, co-founder of Fabscarte together with Emilio Brazzolotto. The result is "hand-thought" wallpapers, unique for the great intrinsic value behind each individual sheet. 

The project for the company designed by the Upskill 4.0 team for Upskill Milan aimed to identify ways and devise tools to effectively communicate the quality of the Fabscarte product to architects and interior designers.

Students fromITS FITSTIC in Bologna went on a company visit with Alice Rizzetto, account manager of Upskill 4.0, and the thing that impressed them the most was sensing the great workmanship behind each and every wallpaper. 

PaperTales: it's FABulouS is the solution devised, divided into several parts: an immersive, simple, original and engaging experience that allows people to experience, online and offline, the stuff of which this Milan-based company of skilled artisans dedicated to designing and creating wallpapers made entirely by hand.

A unique application allows Fabscarte's promotional paper materials to be animated, so that the samples sent by the company can render the idea of the wisdom put into the paper.

"You have made digital a warm tool that conveys emotions," this was the comment of Benedetta Grossi of Fabscarte.

This project is part of the Upskill Milano project of Cariplo Factory and Upskill 4.0. It is aimed at companies based in the Milan Metropolitan Cities, operating in the craft and Made in Italy sectors. The goal of the project is to contribute to the competitiveness of businesses by combining 4.0 technologies with traditional know-how, and to promote new opportunities for ITS students to meet businesses looking for specific technical and professional skills.

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