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Martina Vidal: raising awareness of the ancient tradition of Burano lace among the younger generation

Martina Vidal is ahistoric and unique Venetian artisan company that produces Buranolace, a product of the highest craftsmanship value recognized internationally . For four generations, the Vidal family has been making unique products where passion, tradition, quality and creativity come together.

Atelier Martina Vidal Venezia is a home linen store designed by siblings Martina and Sergio Vidal as a concept store where they can transfer the experience, knowledge and skill of their ancestors and satisfy the most demanding customers.

The design challenge conceived by the Upskill 4.0 team in collaboration with Martina and Sergio Vidal is tohelp the company raise awareness among new generations about the importance of craftsmanship and the values that distinguish the ancient tradition ofBurano lace.

The goal is to seek new ways to pass on lace-making techniques to young aspiring artisans on a national and international scale.

The aim is to safeguard and pass on the history and tradition of Burano lace through formats and tools that are in step with the times, respecting what are the new uses and market demands regarding the product.

The design solution arrived at by the students ofITS FITSTIC in Bologna is Vivi BuRano. Between Past and Future, a project that encompasses three main solutions: an interactive time room divided between the past and the future, explaining the tradition of lace, allowing people to understand where this art was born and to learn about twentieth-century Burano; the design of new virtual reality courses on the art of lace; and new partnerships with national and international museums and institutions for the atelier that give a different image of it.

Positive feedback from the company: "The project not only made us see with new eyes a craft practice that is daily work for us, such as lace, but also made us understand how to bring this knowledge into the future," said Marta Perissinotto of Martina Vidal. 

The Upskill 4.0 project magager who oversaw the project is Michele Andrea Tagliavini.

This project is part of Upskill Venezia, an initiative implemented by the Venice Foundation in collaboration with Upskill 4.0, with the sponsorship of Confindustria Venezia and the Venice Rovigo Chamber of Commerce. Atelier Martina Vidal was selected to participate in the project; to meet its needs, the Upskill 4.0 team engaged ITS Fitstic.

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