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Perugia Foundation with Upskill 4.0 launches second edition of "Upskill Perugia"

After the great success of the first edition, which involved 9 companies related to sustainable tourism, agribusiness and artistic handicrafts, the new expression of interest is aimed at 7 Umbrian companies specializing in manufacturing that will be accompanied on a path of innovation. The novelty of the second edition of Upskill Perugia is that this year the project will include a training course for the companies that will participate in the call promoted by the Perugia Foundation, so as to encourage the development in the area of innovation management and business strategy skills. UniCredit will offer its support in terms of consulting and analysis of the projects with regard to the financial aspects and value creation for the area. All this will result in workshops, events, moments of discussion in which enterprises will be actively involved.

Thanks to the support of Upskill 4.0, with its team of professionals and university researchers specialized in digital innovation and in the design and development of interventions for the regeneration of supply chains and territories, companies and young technicians from the ITSs will be able to experiment together with the creation of innovative prototypes. With this project, Fondazione Perugia aims to boost the competitiveness of the Umbrian territory, promoting new opportunities for ITS students to meet with companies in search of specific technical and professional skills. ITS Academies are an integral part of the Tertiary System of Higher Technological Education. There are about 120 in Italy. ITS Umbria Academy operates in Umbria, which for many years has been at the top of the national ranking drawn up by the Ministry of Education.

There is until March 15, 2023, to submit the expression of interest, through which seven companies will be identified.

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"We expect to be able to stimulate, also in this new edition, the creativity that comes from young people," stressed Cristina Colaiacovo, President of Perugia Foundation, "to help counteract the gap between the technical and professional skills required by the world of work and those available. With this project we once again want to make the ideas of young people from ITS available to our productive fabric, to enable companies to strengthen themselves, enhancing in particular the sectors related to manufacturing. This year we will focus heavily on training, in line with the actions taken in the Foundation's other areas of intervention as well."

"We are happy to participate in the second edition of the Upskill Perugia project," said Stefano Micelli, president of Upskill 4.0. "The first edition of the project allowed us to collaborate with many interesting realities in the area and to fully understand its potential. The second edition is an opportunity to enhance what has already been done and to increase the impact of the project. In fact, we believe that in order to revitalize an area it is essential to know how to involve young people and foster a local ecosystem capable of enhancing new skills."

For information and to submit your expression of interest, you can visit the Perugia Foundation website at this link.

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